The Jose Torres Story:

Jose Torres started having pigeons at the ripe age of 7. He used to take care of native birds in their backyard when he was growing up.
 And he got his real pigeons in the year 1982. When he bought some breeders from Jaime Yap a member of the PHA, who also turned out to be his mentor in his early racing years. Till then he only bred these birds so he can watch the youngsters fly around, until 1989 came when he couldn’t resist the lure of pigeon racing.
 Where he was 6th & 16th over all in the 1989 North Races. Both these overall birds were Reds and were of Dr Ide origin. His Blue bar 1990 Superset North winner was a son of the 6th over all in 1989.
 And his sire was also a Dr. Ide from the loft of Cham Tian seng. In 1991 he also had a 3rd place North Auction Bird in RPAP who in turn was a son to the 16th Over All in 1989. So as you can see these 2 red sisters had a lot of influence in Jose Torres in early racing success.
The Story of The Stray Auction Bird:
During 1993 North Racing Season, a stray auction bird entered the loft of Jose Torres.
Knowing that this bird was not his, he traced the bird’s owner through its band number and later found out that Victor Tan owned the stray bird.
So Joe returned the bird to Mr. Victor Tan so he could continue racing his bird. And during the summer of 1994 Mr. Jose Torres was invited to the loft of Mr. Victor Tan for the sole purpose of acquiring birds.
Mr. Victor Tan sold Jose Torres 7 birds at only 500 pesos each including the auction bird that trapped into his loft. To show his appreciation for his honesty.
93 937665 Foundation Hen:
Joe went home happy and contented. For it had been a while, since he wanted to buy birds from Victor Tan. And his wait was greatly rewarded. For one of the birds with band number 93 937665 turned out to be his present day foundation hen. She was immediately paired to a blue bar unbanded cock of his old lines.
Just to attest how much Joe believes in this pairing. He currently has 6 cocks and 6 hens from his pairing in his breeding loft. And most of his recent winners are of these lines.
Golden Pair of Jose Torres
PRPF 98 980299 Super Set Winner (North Race) Direct Son of 937665 x Unbanded Cock & sire too 2001-14758 2K 1 & Super Set Winner (South Race)
PRPF 99 990402 1st Average Auction Aparri 1 & 2  - Direct Son of 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PRPF 99 990402 2nd Average Auction Aparri 1 & 2  - Direct Son of 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PHA 01 11015 – 11th O.A Super Set Winner North Race – Grandson of Foundation Pair 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PHA 01 11024 – 10th Overall North Race Grandaughter of Foundation Pair 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PHA 01 11022 – 15th Overall North Race Grandaughter of Foundation Pair 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PHA 01 14758 – 2K1 & Super Set Winner South Race – Grandson of the 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PHA 01 13085 - Futurity Champion (Tacloban) not related
In fact he also has Multi Overall Winners these lines:
2000-201004 BG Hen – Granddaughter of 937665 x Unbanded Cock.
PRPF 2000 2nd Overall North Young Bird
PRPF 2001 1st Overall North Old Bird
PRPF 99 991519 BC Cock Grandson of 937665 x Unbanded Cock
PRPF 2000 1st Overall North Old Bird
PRPF 2001 3rd Overall North Old Bird
PRPF 99 990006 BC Cock not related
PRPF 1999 19th Overall North Young Bird
PHA 2000 9th Overall North Old Bird
PRPF 2001 5th Overall North Old Bird
Racing Jose Torres Way:
Sexes are separated upon weaning. Joe lets out the flyer 3-4 times a day.
During racing the flyers are tossed once or twice a week.
He gives oily seeds prior to the races.
Light feeds and electrolytes are given on Sunday after races.
And Vitamins and antibiotics the day after.
He uses Belgica De Weerdts products for his pigeons.
Racers are treated for PMV, Paratyphoid, Canker, and Cocci & Worms prior to the club training.
As for the Breeders Joe wants the 8th, 9th, 10th, primary flights to be even.
He likes birds with multi colored eyes, which are medium sized and having vents.
Joe also like pairing best too best. But his proven lines, he inbreeds them first and then out cross them.
 His present lines are of Deweerdt, Bekaerts, Vanden Broucke, Victor Lim and Victor Tan origin.
The lines he is trying out are from vande Poel Buckly, Pratts, and Marc Roosen.
Jose Torres believes that the Bekaerts are the all weather racers.

"Only the Strong Survives..."