The Tommy De Vera Story:

Tommy de Vera came back to pigeonsport in 1986 after he met his childhood friend Ben Tan Lee who was then acting as a director for RPAP (Racing Pigeon Association of the Philippines) . Tommy's friend took time off from pigeonsport. He released 4 of his best pairs to Tommy on condition that he will discard all of his existing birds disregarding of his attachment to them. Tommy honored their agreement, which he did not regret when on the same year, he won the Novice overall pool of RPAP for young birds. Jaime Lim (past PHA president and present board member) offered Tommy a position as a director for FPA (Fancy Pigeon Association) . His stint as FPA's director was cut short when he lost interest to fancy pigeons. He then founded a new club in 1987 called PSP (Pigeon Sportsmen of the Philippines) . This club is recently revived as PSA (Pigeon Sports Association) . He served as RPAP director for 10 years and now on his 6th year as PHA director and club secretary.
Tommy flew the lines of Emiel Deweerdt, Joseph van den Broucke and Andre Dereere from 1986 to 1993. Percy Brown line based on Noel/Serge Decroix and Vicente Ngo offered good crosses to his existing family of racers. Tommy learned early that one couldn’t totally succeed by racing other fanciers' birds but to develop his own line of racers by selective inbreeding of the performers and winners within its family.
On his racing Achievements, Tommy's most memorable winning was the bird who clocked from "Surigao"(RPAP- 931588) in 1994, RPAP @ 720kms. Other winnings were those he won 4 times at PHA in San Francisco, Leyte races @ 670-kms (1996 to 1999 consecutively) . There were only about 20 birds clocked from San Francisco YB and OB together and Tommy is fortunate to have 4 birds from them, one bird even did it twice "Double Frisco" PHA-96-61504. Fellow fanciers joked that to have clocked from San Francisco must be one great fulfillment. But when a fancier clocked twice with the same bird, there is a just cause to liquidate him. This humor offered many laughs in his local club. Tommy is always humble on his winnings. Clubmates can only get him to say: "I was just lucky, thats all". But the truth known to most novice and experienced fanciers alike is that Tommy de Vera is one of the top pigeonmen to beat in Philippine pigeonsport.

"Only the Strong Survives..."